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Rice and Brown Architects offers a wide range of services for your building projects.

Architectural blue prints

Design and Construction Drawings for Custom Residential Homes

Our main focus at Rice and Brown is designing custom, traditional homes. We provide complete design services from concept to completion.

3D Photorealistic Rendering of two story house

3D Photorealistic Renderings

During the design phase, we can provide color and ink sketches, images, and full renderings to help our client better visualize their desired home, as well as use for any necessary presentations, such as Planning Board hearings. We also have the ability to create 3D images of the newly designed home placed into a photograph of the existing property — to help you envision the property as a whole and anticipate its place in your neighborhood.

Interior of living room and kitchen

Other Professional Services

Project Material Specifications: Because attention to detail is crucial to Rice and Brown, we make ourselves available for all decisions regarding materials — from siding, roof, window, trim and door specifications, to plumbing and lighting fixtures as well as many other decisions for which the homeowner is responsible.

Large 2 story house

Town Planning Board Representation

When a project requires a variance from the town, we will submit drawings for the initial Zoning Review, acquire the official documentation from the town, refer an attorney for the Application Process, and represent your interests at the Planning Board hearing.

Feasibility Studies/Real Estate Consultation: For clients considering a project for an existing property, or for those considering purchasing property, we are available for consultation to discuss site options and architectural possibilities. For those who wish to locate property upon which to build or renovate a home, our in-house licensed New Jersey real estate agent is available for referral.

Construction Supervision and Management: We often provide supervision of the construction by routinely visiting the site and being accessible for all concerns which may arise during construction.

Property Management: For our clients with seasonal residency, we can offer personalized property management and a variety of maintenance services.

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